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How to hire a carpenter

Carpenters have been around since man started utilising wood to build shelter and create tools. Although they mainly work with wood to build houses, ships, bridges and furniture, you can also hire a carpenter for repair and maintenance work. Carpentry has now evolved and there are now different types of carpenters. Even though carpenters are categorised according to their specialised skills, all qualified carpenters are trained in general carpentry work.

Carpenters provide a wide range of services. You can hire a carpenter to repair, build and install doors, windows, staircases, decks, pergolas and closets.

The different types of carpenters:

  • A finish carpenter, also called a joiner, are responsible for cutting and fitting joints in wood without using nails or screws. They are usually hired to install doors and windows, parquet flooring and stairs.
  • A trim carpenter specialises in moulding and trims. Have you ever noticed door and window casings, mantels, baseboards and cornices in a house? Those are the works of trim carpenters.
  • A framework carpenter, also called a framer, builds the skeletal structure of both residential and commercial buildings.
  • A formwork carpenter specialises in constructing formwork that acts as a mould in which concrete can be poured and supported until it sets.
  • A shopfitter is a type of carpenter that organises and builds interiors for retail shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses.
  • A cabinetmaker is a type of carpenter whose specialty is making cabinets, wardrobes, dressers, storage chests and other furniture designed for storage.
  • A scenic carpenter builds temporary scenery and sets in film-making, television and theatre plays.

Carpenter Licencing

Whether a carpenter needs to be licensed will depend on the state or territory. In some instances, carpenters may need to get a licence for a specific job that you hired them to do even in a state where a carpenter’s licence is not required. This usually happens with large-scale projects.

Cost of Hiring a Carpenter

The first question everyone wants to ask whenever they hire a carpenter is how much it will cost. There is no standard rate since many factors have to be considered such as the scope of the job, the materials, labour costs and also the state or territory that you are in. You should get at least three quotes so you can compare their rates. An easy and convenient way to get quotes from carpenters is by filling out our job form. We will ask local carpenters to send you their quotes so you can start interviewing and choosing the best carpenter for the job.